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Bleach-4% Active 20 Ltr

Bleach-4% Active 20 Ltr
Bleach-4% Active 20 Ltr
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  1. High Purity: Our Bleach-4% Active solution is manufactured with the highest standards of purity, ensuring its effectiveness in various applications.

  2. Disinfectant Power: With 4% active chlorine content, this bleach solution is a potent disinfectant, capable of killing a wide spectrum of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses.

  3. Stain Remover: Easily tackle tough stains on various surfaces, from fabrics to hard surfaces. This bleach solution is designed to make your cleaning tasks more manageable.

  4. Deodorizer: Neutralize unpleasant odors in spaces, leaving a fresh and clean environment.

    Multipurpose: Suitable for use in laundry, sanitation, water treatment, and a variety of cleaning applications.

    Large Capacity: Our 20-liter container is ideal for households, businesses, and institutions with high cleaning and disinfection demands.

    Safety Cap: The secure screw-on cap ensures safe and easy storage, preventing leaks and spills.

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