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Thermal EFTPOS rolls are a type of paper roll that is used in electronic funds transfer point-of-sale (EFTPOS) systems. They are made from high-quality thermal paper that is coated with a heat-sensitive chemical, allowing the printer to create a clear and crisp image without the need for ink or toner. Thermal EFTPOS rolls come in various sizes and lengths, with different core sizes to fit different types of printers. They are ideal for printing transactional documents such as receipts, invoices, and credit card slips.

EFTPOS Rolls 53x38 (One Box of 100 Pcs)
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Model: TCA-223
Offering our premium EFTPOS rolls, designed to provide reliable and efficient printing for all your point-of-sale needs. Our 57mm range of receipt rolls is made with premium 60 GSM paper, providing a high-quality printing surface that's comparable to the 65 GSM rolls available in the Australian mark..
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