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Craft Paper Burger Box (one box of 250 pcs)

Craft Paper Burger Box (one box of 250 pcs)
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Craft Paper Burger Box (one box of 250 pcs)
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MADE FROM PAPER - These brown burger boxes are made from sturdy cardboard paper. They are grease-resistant and biodegradable, and they are perfect for cold or hot food.

GREAT FOR BUSINESS USE - These take-out containers are great for business use and can be easily customized with sticker logos or decals. They are the perfect container for street food and food trucks.

MEAL PREP - Use these clamshell boxes for prepping meals for the day, and do it in a sustainable way. They can be used for burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more. The built-in lids allow for easy storage of leftover food.

SOLUTIONS - Through inspiration, design, and solutions, PacknWood creates value using natural, organic, and recyclable materials. Some natural resources we use include paper, bamboo, recycled and recyclable plastic, and more. Our smooth and elegant finished products make the food you serve more enticing, all while preserving the environment.

Color: Brown

Size: 105*102*85mm

Material: Kraft Paper

Quantity: 250 pcs

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